Running a Home Based Business?

home business

Running a business out of the home is hard work and requires the right insurance coverage – a homeowners policy simply isn’t enough. Get the coverage you need today.

What is a home based business insurance policy?
A Home Based Business policy covers your
business. Whether you make $1,000 or $100,000 a year, there are significant exposures to operating any business.
Don't I have coverage on my homeowners policy?
Most likely not - homeowners insurance is meant to cover you only in your home! Home Based Business insurance gives you the coverage needed to have peace of mind when transacting business both in and out of the house.
Is it Expensive?
No, a Home Based Business policy is very affordable. The average annual premium is only $300!
What if a venue requires proof of liability insurance?
You're in the clear! You can even provide the venue with coverage by adding them as an additional insured on your Home Based Business policy.