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Whatever your business coverage needs, we can help.

GNP Brokerage offers commercial coverage policies for your commercial property, vehicles, and ocean and inland marine property, and we can put together worker’s compensation and disability coverage for your business. If you need business liability and additional umbrella coverage, GNP Brokerage is the right firm for you.

We understand your unique needs.

GNP Brokerage specializes in insurance for residential property owners. Whether you own a single family rental or a multi-family unit, we can help you with your insurance needs. We represent several insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance protection to residential property owners. Contact us today and discover how we can tailor your coverage to fit your needs.

Keep your commercial fleet on the road to riches.

Your commercial fleet is covered with GNP Brokerage. You can rely on your business vehicles to keep your business rolling to profits with the right coverage. Just one driver error or breakdown can put you on the sidelines and cost you money, but commercial vehicle policies from GNP are deigned to get you back on the road again and back in business.

We speak the language.

Ocean marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance, and because of its long tradition, its policies can contain some of the most confusing language – there is a lot of legal case law that has determined the language over the centuries. You want an insurance agent who speaks the language if you’re looking to insure your commercial ocean marine or inland marine property, where defined terms may have long histories. Call GNP Brokerage today to help you sort it out.

Keep your staff safe from harm and your business safe from downtime.

A crucial part of running every business successfully is doing so safely. Your workers’ safety is your responsibility, which is why you’ll want to make sure that if one of your workers is ever injured, you are protected, and they can get well. We can work with you to assess you risks and insure you appropriately against downtime or employee medical bills.

We know your coverage limits – and beyond.

Your business liability insurance protects your business from another person’s claims of injury to their body or property, and associated medical costs. General liability coverage is essential to protecting the financial health of you company, and GNP offers customizable coverage options that are effective and affordably priced, through companies proven to process claims fairly. Commercial umbrella policies help protect your business assets by providing liability limits above your basic policies, and in many cases, broadens your protection, which is essential in today’s litigious business environment.

Call us now so we can go to work for you.

Contact GNP Brokerage and discover how we can help protect your business and your legacy for the future. Our commercial policies can be fit to your specific needs by our insurance specialists today!

Options include:

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